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October 2020, “Devil in the Courtroom” interview on Detroit’s WHPR FM 88.1 Real Black Coffee show with host Valerie Kelley- Bonner

April 2019, Estate Trafficking in the Probate Environment presented by Rick Black at the Kasem Cares / California District Attorneys Association Conference on Elder Financial Exploitation

November 2017, Fraudulent Guardianships: Everything Law Enforcement Needs to Know presented by Rick Black at the Kasem Cares / California District Attorneys Association Conference on Elder Exploitation

March 2017, Fraudulent Adult Guardianships, Nevada’s Negligence presented by Rick Black to the National Center for State Court and Department of Justice at the National Forum on Financial Exploitation by Conservators

2017, The Family Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse: How to Protect Your Parents and Yourself edited by Thomas C. Wright with contributors Tom Coleman, Esq., Sam Sugar, MD, and Rick Black

The rapid aging of the American population and its accompanying epidemic of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has brought about an awareness of the increasing vulnerability of our elders. Taking care of our parents and protecting them from exploitation and abuse at the hands of others can evolve into a virtual full-time occupation, especially among today’s baby boomers. The Family Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse provides a practical manual to help prepare the reader for the challenges that arise as our parents begin to lose their independence.

In each chapter of this guide, a nationally recognized expert provides specific advice regarding effective actions that can be taken in order to protect loved ones in every area of their lives. They offer practical answers to such questions as:

What qualities should you look for in a caretaker?
What are the pros and cons of trusts and guardianships?
Who do you go to if you suspect abuse of any kind?
How do you best protect your own rights so that you can preserve the rights of your loved one?
What should you know about dealing with hospital staff when it comes to making end-of-life decisions?

The Family Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse addresses every personal, medical, financial, and legal consideration that may arise for adult children of a senior citizen.

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FREE public screenings of “The Guardians” documentary and panel discussions with movie participants.

“The Guardians” documentary directed by Billie Mintz describes the journey of about a dozen victims of estate trafficking and their family’s journeys attempting to save them and their estates in fraudulent guardianships in Las Vegas Nevada. The efforts of a courageous group of activists lead by Rick and Terri Black prompted a statewide investigation by Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt in 2015 and the convictions of 13 professional guardians and attorneys across the state by 2019 who routinely used adult guardianships to exploit the very persons they claimed to be protecting. The documentary details the practice to isolate the victim, defame legitimate protectors and heirs, and liquidate the estate by predatory parties leveraging the dysfunction of the family court system.

If you are interested in hosting a free public screening and panel discussion of the documentary please contact CEAR at  We would be glad to host a panel discussion on the genesis of “The Guardians” and what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from the predatory legal community.

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