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2018, Satirist and comedian John Oliver does an excellent segment on HBO on the absurdity of how lawyers sell the public on guardianship and a Public Service Announcement on how to protect yourself by several of Hollywood’s aging actors.

“Edith + Eddie”, free documentary by Laura Checkoway of a biracial couple from Fairfax, VA whose lives are destroyed by predatory attorneys in a fraudulent guardianship.  The 29 minute documentary was nominated for the 2018 Oscar Award for Short Documentary.

“I Can’t Breathe for Aunt Lillie: Court Endorsed Slavery in Florida” published in 2020 by Elder Dignity founder Dr. Terri Kennedy.  Dr. Kennedy tells the story of the exploitation of 2012 victim Dr. Lillie White and her $4 million estate at the hands of predatory attorneys in Florida.

“The Guardians”, documentary by Billie Mintz of what Terri and Rick Black uncovered and elevated to the media and the Nevada Attorney General after Terri’s father Del Mencarelli was targeted and taken captive in 2013.  Published 2019, free on Amazon Prime.

Netflix’s 2020 Dirty Money Season 2 Episode 5 “Guardians, Inc” highlighted estate trafficking by the predatory legal community and the experiences of victims Marvin Siegel and John Savanovitch of Boston, MA and Charlie Thrash of Austin, TX.