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Press Success

June 16, 2022 Slam the Gavel Podcast Maryann Petri interviews Rick Black on estate trafficking and fraudulent adult guardianships and conservatorships

January 28, 2022 Dolcefino Consulting Houston, TX Wayne Dolcefino interviews Rick Black of CEAR and Texas victims Shelley Thomson, Margaret Landgrebe, and LeeRoy Roper.

August 29, 2021 FreeBritney Rally Los Angeles, CA Rio Hamilton speaks about his mother’s victimization, Doris Hamilton in Las Cruces, NM

June 23, 2021 FreeBritney Rally Los Angeles, CA Rick Black speaks at Rally in front of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse.

7/29/20 Las Cruces, NM – Speak Up Las Cruces, Peter Goodman interviews Rick Black

2020 Behind the Headlines, Miami: Guardianship Racketeering with Karyn Turk

2020 ABC News Tampa-Victim Genyte Dirse case with Adam Walser

10/18/19 Sacramento Rick Black-CEAR with Mike Hackard of Hackard Law

11/6/18 Las Vegas, April Parks Professional Guardianship Gang Convicted

2/15/17 Princeton TV Beyond my Crisis with Rick Black

10/23/17 NYC Interview between Rick Black and Gary Glennell Toms of The G Man


2016 ABC News Tampa-Victim Willie Berchau case with Adam Walser 

12/28/15 Las Vegas Guardianship Abuse Exposed on KTNV

6/26/15 Las Vegas, Judges Removed and KTNV Dupont Entry

2/2/15 Las Vegas Rick and Terri Black Fraudulent Guardianship

Guardian Helen Natko Criminal Conviction

Professional Guardians Arrested in Las Vegas