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Never consider adult guardianship for a loved one.

There are many less restrictive, expensive, and intrusive ways to protect them. Today’s adult guardianship adjudication process is a haven for the criminal element and you are very likely to be financially exploited by this system versus protected by it.


Trust fraud is a growing issue nationally.

The legal community fully understands how the confidentiality of trust law and the ability to hide nefarious activity from trust beneficiaries until its too late make this one of the easiest crimes to commit. Hiring an attorney and facing the expense of $50,000 to $500,000 in legal fees to stop the crime fuels the growth.



Protecting your estate and your heirs starts with being prepared.

Executing a will, power of attorney, healthcare advance directive, and guardianship denial or nomination form is critical to having any ability to protect yourself. Sit down with your trustee and executors and discuss your plan and their obligations. Finally, give them notarized copies.




We are actively engaged in Washington, DC

and use our network of national advocates and activists to lobby state elected officials and law enforcement leaders on reforms needed to stop trust fraud and fraudulent guardianships.